Open Letter on the „Great Interpreter Survey 2022“

Sie können diesen Text auf Deutsch lesen.

Prof. Dr. Christiane Maaß and Laura Maaß (née Schwengber) started and led a project in September 2022 to investigate the cooperation between hearing sign language interpreters and deaf sign language users. It is also Laura Maaß’s doctoral project.

Not everyone agrees with this project. In an open letter, a group consisting of various Deaf people with expertise, activist Deaf people, interpreters for German sign language and German, researchers and others appeal to the Universität Hildesheim to reappraise the research project with the inclusion of Deaf researchers. The letter is addressed in particular to the ethics committee set up there. The letter is also available in German and has been summarised in German Sign Language and International Sign. Links to videos can be found below.

Because research on sign language interpreting focuses on a vulnerable group, it requires, in the view of the authors of the Open Letter, an attentive approach to power relations and the privileges that go with them, and must follow ethical guidelines for professional scientific work. The group behind the Open Letter states that the research project does not meet these requirements.

» Here you can read the Open Letter
» Link to the German version
» Here is the link to the abstract in German
» Link to the translation into German Sign Language
» Link to the translation into International Sign

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